Cape York to Kokoda Challenge

In October 2015, 4 mates will attempt to kayak from Cape York (Australia) to Daru (Papua New Guinea) before completing the Kokoda track in just 3 days (it usually takes 8!).

Andrew, Adam, Bobby and Jason all currently work full time for the Flight Centre Travel Group. Taking this challenge will see them go from behind the computer to some of the toughest conditions on earth.

Why? To help the Foundation's partner KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation) build brighter futures in Papua New Guinea.

600,000 school-aged children in PNG currently cannot go to school due to the lack of teachers. KTF wants to change that by training a new generation of teachers delivering a high quality education to children across the country. KTF Kokoda College’s pre-service teacher training facility in rural Kokoda village is currently training the first group of 20 teachers of the future.

The CY2K Challenge hopes to raise enough funding to train 5 fully qualified elementary teachers at the Kokoda College and equip them with a classroom of resources upon graduation.

To find out more about the team and the challenge, visit