Delivering the Dream

October 2014

During September 2014, the Team Leaders of Coast2Coast in GOGO vacations had their meeting in Punta Cana.  Not only did we have a fantastic meeting and see some beautiful properties we also fulfilled the true meaning of DREAM (Delivering Remarkable Experiences and Amazing Memories.) I would like to share our story.

Together with Olympus Tours, GOGO went into the local community to give back and fulfill a noble purpose. Let me say that this WAS a Remarkable Experience and we created Amazing Memories, not only for us but also for the people living in these communities.  It was truly a special moment in my life and my time with the Flight Centre Travel Group.

I am sharing this story with you, not to say you should all do this every trip but to emphasize that what we do matters. Our industry is Tourism, which is the predominant source of income in the Dominican Republic is Tourism. Every trip you sell, every extra component you include, not only provides an amazing experience for our customer but you are contributing to the lives of the people who live there. 

You are also working for a company where you can feel pride in knowing that we CARE. We CARE about more than just making money, we CARE about giving back to the community as do our valuable partners, in this case Olympus Tours.

On that note, I would like to acknowledge Olympus Tours, as they made this all possible. Also at the same time they demonstrated just what a spectacular company they are. 

When I inquired about doing a few activities in the community and giving back, Olympus took the concept to a whole new level.  Along with 8 GOGO people, Olympus also brought 8 of their finest to assist in the day’s activities. It is worth noting that this was a national holiday in the DR and each one of them was there on a volunteer basis!   

This course of action from GOGO has also started the basis for the Olympus Foundation in the DR replicating the successful program Olympus has in Mexico.  Olympus even had T-Shirts made up for this special day with GOGO!   THANK YOU OLYMPUS, you treat us and our customers like VIPs every time. You go over and beyond, you are our Partner, our Family and our Friend!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!!

So what did we get up to?  As you can see there were lots of smiles, lots of fun and games, lots of interaction.  We also experienced first hand the conditions of people living in local communities less fortunate than others.

We were humbly invited into the homes of the people, we saw how a fire had devastated the homes of 32 families, and we saw the effects of malnutrition.  We visited a local school, where we got an understanding of the education needed for so many younger and older generations. 

Most importantly to me and what has stuck the most was experiencing the high spirits of the people we met, not one person was down on their luck or ungrateful for what they had, no one asked for more, they were truly grateful and appreciated everything we did, a memory that I will never forget.

How did we give back?  With the help of Olympus Tours, they were able to purchase much needed materials and supplies that we could distribute to the community and school that we visited.  GOGO are going to sponsor these purchases and we provided building materials for the 32 families affected to rebuild their home. We also provided games, food and drink throughout our visit in the community, and notebooks and pens to the school we visited.  

This was just one example of how we can help and I am would love to use the GOGO and Olympus relationship as to a template for GOGO to continue giving back to local communities.