How We Can All Support Young Aussies in Need

21 July 2015

This week marks a pivotal moment in the lives of four young Aussies with disabilities.

Yesterday and today they have been moving into a state-of-the-art Brisbane share house designed and built by Youngcare, Queensland charity proudly supported by Flight Centre Foundation.

The $1.3 million home at Wooloowin features four self-contained bedrooms (plus a guest/carer’s bedroom), and makes innovative use of technology – each resident has a tablet that lets them control such things as the temperature, doors and blinds.

Youngcare CEO Samantha Kennerley says: “It gives them independence and choice, which is what Youngcare’s about.”

The alternative? Aged care.

“There are 7,000 young people with high care needs who will have woken up in aged care this morning,” Sam says.

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