Team Crikey at Australia Zoo

December 2014

When you work for a company that cares deeply about delivering amazing travel experiences, it’s a thrill to be given an amazing travel experience of your own.

Last week 15 Peopleworks Leaders from around the globe experienced exactly that when they were given the rare opportunity to volunteer at the Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors' wildlife hospital.

Founded in March 2004 the Wildlife Hospital is dedicated to saving native Australian animals, many of whom are victims of car accidents or domestic pet attacks.  Since it’s opening the hospital has treated over 53,000 sick, injured & orphaned animals, caring for them around the clock as they are nursed back to good heath before being returned to their native environments.  

Under the scorching Queensland sun our very own Peopleworks Leaders were tasked with the job of building a new macropod enclosure to give recovering kangaroos  a place where they can graze on lush grass and enjoy the benefits of sunlight after being  treated & held in quarantine.

After a quick slip, slop, slap our people got down to the sweaty work of  clearing the overgrown & unused enclosure that had been designated for new grazing area.   Who knew that Peopleworks Leaders could be so handy with shovels, saws, loppers & rakes?  In a few short hours the area had gone from an overgrown jungle to a plush, green, grassy,  kangaroo paradise.  “I have a new appreciation for Edward Scissorhands,” Natalie Gilroy from PW Singapore was overheard saying.

The staff of the Wildlife Hospital were so grateful for the support & hard work of our people, this is what they had to say on their facebook page:

Facebook Page

This incredible project would not have been possible without the generous support of FCTG employees from around the world.   Over $2165 was raised to pay for the equipment  & materials needed for the job.   In fact, with fund raising exceeding all expectations, we suspect there will also be a little left over to contribute towards the care of the 70 + koalas who are currently recovering in the facility.

With as many as 65 animals being admitted to the hospital on a single day, there can be no doubt how much the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors contribute to the protection of Australia’s unique & precious wildlife.

Thank you for making a difference FCTG – you do indeed ROCK!! 

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