The Flight Centre Foundation


To open up opportunities for those who wish to help...

To open up oppportunities for those who wish to help... it's the purpose of our Flight Centre Foundation. The Flight Centre Foundation is FCTG's way of harnessing the collective goodness of our people, industry partners and customers to give back to the communities where we work, live and travel.

We previously worked closely with a select group of charity partners on an ongoing basis and supported key programs and projects to maximise our impact. Additionally, in times of natural disaster and emergency, we helped where we could with one-off appeals. Due to the recent pandemic, the Flight Centre Foundation has been in hibernation. We are happy to announce that from October of 2021, the Flight Centre Foundation has come out of hibernation!

Please visit The Giving Grants tab for more information on our grant making framework. 

At the Flight Centre Foundation, it's not all about financial support, FCTG's people volunteer their talent and time at charities and community groups across the country in addition to building awareness around causes through campaigns, fundraisers and collection drives. 

Welcome to the Flight Centre Foundation, opening up opportunities for those who wish to help. 

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